Seniors Home Supports Program

Do you need help around your home?         

There’s no place like home, but as one ages, it can be both overwhelming and physically challenging to keep up with never-ending tasks both inside and outside of our homes.

The (SHSP) Seniors Home Supports Program is an organized referral service between community-living older adults and businesses, organizations and individuals, whose services can assist older adults to remain in their homes longer.

Its Mission is to ensure seniors can access quality, affordable home-support services from service providers who meet program requirements and adhere to policies. There is no charge to register in the program or for the referrals given.

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The (SHSP) Seniors Home Supports is coordinated through six senior centres in Edmonton.

Southwest Edmonton postal code areas are: T6G, T6H, T6J, T6R, or T6W. 

This program is coordinated through SouthWest Edmonton Seniors Association.

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What services are offered?

Housekeeping: Vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, dusting, cleaning out the fridge

Personal Services: Hair care, foot care, home and respite care, homemaking, nursing care, companionship

Yard Maintenance: Mowing lawns, spring/fall clean up including tree removal, trimming; and gate, sidewalk and concrete repairs

Minor Home Repair and Maintenance: Window cleaning, electrical, plumbing, painting, furnace, appliance repair, handyman, roofing/eaves trough, deck and railing repairs

Snow Removal: Shoveling snow and putting down anti-slip material to cover icy spots (not chipping ice)

Moving help: Organizing, downsizing, junk removal

how it works

You will be asked what service you need.  You will be given the names of three service providers.  You contact them, ask them about their prices and request a written quotation.  You decide which provider best suits your needs.  You pay them directly.

Where Do You Get the Names of Service Providers?

Websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Indeed, LinkedIn, and job postings pertaining to SHSP categories  (personal services, yard work, etc.).  Other recommendations can come from people like yourself who have had a great experience with a service provider from another category  in our program.

Why Do You Do Follow-Ups?

We will follow up with you to see if you contacted and used any of the suggested service providers.  If you have call display, you will see either Home Supports or SWESA.  We welcome your comments – good and bad – as we want to provide you with the best possible service.  At that time, you are welcome to ask for other category referrals.  Of course, you may also call or email Home Supports and tell us about your experience.

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TO contact the SWESA seniors Home Support program

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