Hello Neighbour

We’d like to meet you

As part of our 10 Year Anniversary celebrations, SWESA is excited to launch the “Hello Neighbour – We’d like to meet you!” Project to support social participation and inclusion of all older adults in our community – and to promote volunteerism. Broader engagement will be part of  shaping SWESA for the next 10 years.

The funding has come from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, a federal grants and contribution program whose goal is to support projects that help improve the well-being of seniors and foster social inclusion and engagement in their communities.

The grant will be used to host a variety of events that will include:

  • SWESA’s 10 Year Anniversary Party on June 9, 2022 will introduce the Hello Neighbour Project to the communities in southwest Edmonton. CLICK HERE to know more about the event.
  • Throughout the summer events will be planned to best match the interest of people 55+ in the community.  Events may include…………..
  • In the fall, a Health Fair is planned to showcase and conclude the project with ideas and events that support the next 10 years of SWESA.
  • The Anniversary party in June coincides with Seniors Week.  Later, on October 1st, the 10th Anniversary Open House and Seniors Wellness Fair will be held in conjunction with National Seniors Day.

CLICK HERE to check out photos from the Hello Neighbour Project.