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Report on Health and Aging in Canada: The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) has released a baseline report on health and aging in Canada based on the data collected from 50,000 Canadians aged 45-85 from 2010 to 2015. Topics covered in the report include retirement, loneliness/social isolation, caregiving and care receiving, health, lifestyle and behaviour, transportation and mobility, and lesbian, gay and bisexual aging. clsa_report_en_for_web

Age Friendly Edmonton: Aging Better Together  AFE-Storybook

2016 Municipal Census Results 


Just how tech savvy are seniors of today? Here is a report compiled in Dec. 2017 with current statistics (U.S.) – Technology Use and Attitudes among Midlife and Older Americans 

Elm Magazine: Adult Education Increases Well-Being 

Daily Good: News That Inspires – The Why Behind Asking the Why: The Science of Curiosity

Gifts of a Lifetime 2013: The Contributions of Older Canadians – Gifts_of_a_Lifetime_2013Sep23


Ageism Limits our Potential – A 7 minute video: 

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